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My new song 'Fragile' comes out on 1-1-23, but I'm giving out a limited number of digital copies for an early Christmas present! Take advantage of the free song offer now!. You'll just have to signup to find out what's behind the scenes...I'll see you there!

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“After hearing MYRA’s music, all I can think about is how good it is, it’s so unique but catches the attention and really hits different, I basically have her whole song memorized by how catchy and good it is.”

-Kinzie M

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“MYRA’s music always makes me feel better!  Her songs are perfect to sing along to and are always fun to jam out to with friends.  They’re up beat, have relatable lyrics, and are my absolute go-to.”

-Abby R

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Offer expires soon

Myra is very talented I heard a snippet of her song in a photoshop and I was not aware it was original and it was written by her until sliding up on a post . She gives me Zara Larsson and Hailee Steinfield vibes. Keep working and going to the top - she can really sing  Definitely tune in to her...don’t sleep... it's good music for real...she’s going places!!. If you love a good singer, good lyrics and different vibes she is the one.

-Malachi R

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