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Hi, My Name is Myra

MYRA- born Myra Kivett- is a young, up and coming pop singer-songwriter from Indianapolis, IN.


Born to a musician family, she has always gravitated towards the arts. Her father was a singer-songwriter and commercial jingle writer and her great-grandfather was a bandleader for a polka band later turned orchestral group for over 30 years. Her other great-grandfather was a multi-talented musician who most notably played saxophone for Benny Goodman in the 1930’s. While she has clearly been influenced by many genres and styles of music, Myra’s dad imparted her obsession with 80’s pop music and her study of piano as a child opened the door to her love of jazz.


Myra writes all genres of music and began writing music around the age of 7. She began professionally recording music in 2019 and began releasing music in 2022. She has a catalog of over 400 songs and released her debut EP in 2023.​

Check out MYRA's music above.

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